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The Real Answers to the FAQs Regarding Comprehensive Sexual Education


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Key-Concept-Guide-KNOW-03-2015 (2) – STD and HIV Concepts at K-12, Abstinence Concept at K – 12

HIV-AIDs-Transmission (1)– HIV/AIDS Content Overview

KNOW-Training-Agenda-4   – The Teacher’s KNOW training agenda

HIV-and-the-Law (1)  – HIV/AIDS and the Law

KNOW-Training-4   – KNOW Teacher Training – Grades 5/6 and 7/8 – WA Sate OSPI – April 3, 2017 – Part 1 – morning training

KNOW-Training-4  – KNOW Teacher Training – Grades 5/6 and 7/8 – WA Sate OSPI – April 3, 2017 – Part 2 – afternoon training

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Making Proud Choices

From Johanna Repsold HyattWhat Planned Parenthood’s Get Real Sex-Ed Curriculum Will Teach Our Youth:   ·         It teaches students a completely relativistic sexual morality, claiming that cleaning your room is the moral equivalent of choosing to have sex.   ·         The only sexual activity consistently discouraged for grades 6-9 is non-consensual and “unprotected sex.”   ·         It consistently and repeatedly encourages condom use at every grade level as THE primary and “best” means of avoiding pregnancies and STIs.   o   It requires students to learn and practice together the 15 steps of correct condom use on a “demonstration tool.”   o   Teaches students to practice the 15 steps blindfolded to simulate difficulty of use when intoxicated.   o   It constantly cites “perfect condom use” effectiveness rates (“98%) while ignoring “actual condom use” failure rates for both pregnancy and STIs (1 in 5 for pregnancies; from 15%-100% failure rates for STIs depending on the type of STI).   ·         It requires students to brainstorm positive outcomes of becoming sexually active when “the time is right.”   ·         It requires students to create contraceptive and health clinic marketing materials.   ·         It minimizes the difficult realities and negative consequences of STIs.   o   Fails to teach about the STI epidemic among teens and young adults today (10 million new cases a year between the ages of 15-24).   o   Teaches that all STIs are preventable by “using protection, getting tested” [for STIs] and “practicing sequential/monogamous sex.”   ·         It downplays the risks associated with teen sexual activity:   o   Treats anal, oral and vaginal sex as “normal and safe” sexual behaviors for teens.   o   Teaches that “protected sex” has little or no negative consequences for teens.   o   Ignores the negative psychological and emotional impact of sexual activity on many teens.  (Depression rates triple for both sexes and suicide attempts increase 3 to 8 times for girls and boys respectively.)   o   Considers “mutual masturbation, being naked together and oral sex with a dental dam or condom” “low risk” sexual activities.   ·         Consistently pushes students to Planned Parenthood Health Clinics by…   o   resource lists that refer students to and place Planned Parenthood first while ignoring other health and pregnancy clinic options.   o   requiring on-line and phone research which directs students to Planned Parenthood Clinics.   o   Failing to tell students that Planned Parenthood makes the majority of its earned income from abortions, contraceptive sales and STI testing.   ·         Makes unproven claims about gender fluidity and homosexuality.   ·         Fails to present the sometimes serious legal consequences of teen sexual activity.   ·         Fails to discuss any harmful effects of pornography on both men and women while teaching that “the idea of ‘too much’ masturbation is a myth.”   ·         It is extremely weak on promoting abstinence, encouraging students to “define abstinence for oneself” and that abstinence may include mutual masturbation and oral sex.    Schools will pay $120,000 for this curriculum in the first 2 years.   It is unclear what, if any, accommodation the district will make for teachers required to teach this material who’s moral or religious convictions are violated by its content.

Teen Talk

CA Healthy Youth Act Sexual Health Education Toolkit

Teen Talk Website

MassResistance exposes school district’s radical, graphic “sex-ed” program, recently passed by School Board

Deep Equality

“Deep Equality” Program Indoctrinating Kids Across US, Tells Teachers To Reject Parents Who Disagree

– The left has abandon education.  The teacher are becoming racial activists.  They are teaching based on oppression.  They are judging people based on race.

  • Summary from someone in Loudon County, Virginia:

Tucker began his show by saying that the Left is turning education into political propaganda.  His show investigated a radical new curriculum called Deep Equity.  It is produced by a for-profit company, Corwin, which calls it a teacher training program aimed at producing real school improvement for equity & social justice.

Now how will this “improvement” happen?  According to Tucker, mainly by attacking students on the basis of skin color.

Deep Equity claims America is based on a hierarchy of various oppressions:  Men oppress women; Christianity oppresses Islam; English oppresses Spanish; White people oppress everyone.  If you have a problem with this claim, then you are an oppressor and part of the problem.

According to Corwin, differences in academic performance have nothing to do with culture or effort.  [Balderdash.]  They are purely the product of racism.  In order to fight that racism, teachers are instructed on different types of “White identity orientations.”  [Tucker called it pseudo-science.  I’ll add child abuse.]

Many White people, teachers are told by Deep Equity, are defined by their ignorance and supremacy.  Other Whites [more enlightened?], meanwhile, question the systemic issues . . . .  The curriculum offers what it calls a “White Allies Action Agenda.”  [Are you a White Ally?]  Tucker posted the “White Allies Action Agenda”:

See race.  2. Listen to and learn from people of color.   3. Acknowledge the reality of racism.  4. Acknowledge the reality of White racial privilege.  5. Transcend guilt.  6. Educate other White people.  7. Confront racist behaviors, attitudes, and practices.   8. Use your privilege to work for racial & social justice.

Tucker’s staff talked to a trained teacher who said this curriculum forces teachers to become racial activists.  Tucker complained that teaching math, science, English appear nowhere.  Tucker believes teaching racial activism is certain to wound, confuse and divide our kids of all colors.  [I agree with him.  Will a minority student believe that his inability to succeed is caused by racism {racist math as in Seattle}, not because he failed to study or skipped classes.]

Deep Equity says for teachers to explicitly reject and resist any parents who don’t agree with it.

The crazies have taken over.  If we don’t push back, we and our children will become the crazies.  I suspect Loudoun will adopt a similar program; I hope not!  Is this 1984 or what!

Deep Equality

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ESTEEM and FACTS: Creative Ways to Teach Healthy Lifestyles to Youth from Diverse Backgrounds

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