Mission Statement: To protect the child by dismantling any Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) program and strengthening parents’ rights in the education system.

Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE) Passed.

SB 5395 – Concerning Comprehensive Sexual Health Education  – for all public school students – Kindergarten to 12th, Next stop – the bill will be voted on in the Senate.  

Debate mashup: House Republicans speak out against majority’s comprehensive sex ed bill  – March 5th Legislation Session on SB 5395 (5:58)


On March 13th,  the referendum was filed to repeal SB 5395.

Parents For Safe Schools – Official referendum website. Click to learn their next step on how to vote on November 3rd.  


266,000 signatures were gathered in approximately 2 months.  The goal was at least 130,000 signatures.  We wanted 160,000 so there would not be a review by signature line but a random view.  We went beyond that.  This is the power of WE THE PEOPLE.  Thank God for bringing everyone together for a common cause.  He has opened a door for all of us to step through and react.  This has never happen before. 

Special thanks to parents in the Protect Washington Children coalition for stepping up in extreme conditions and standing up for our values.  This has truly been teamwork!


This initiative will put the school board and parents in control of sex education.  I-1109 will remove all current sex education laws and curriculum and replaces it with a sex education program created by local schools’ boards and parents.

Goal is 320,000 signatures gathering by December 21st.

https://commonsensesexed.com/ – their website

Here is the Common Sense Sex Education Website for local and parent control on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Common-Sense-Sex-Education-Initiative-1109-105716661167313/

https://commonsensesexed.com/petitions  – please contact them to order petitions

If you have questions, please contact us at CommonSenseSexEd@yahoo.com

If you can’t help with the petitions but would still like to help, please donate at CommonSenseSexEd.com/donations